Spirit Tales – Unusual Occurrences Missions

My character on Spirit Tales.

My character on Spirit Tales.

English documentation for the game Spirit Tales/Glory Destiny Online sucks, so this is my attempt at improving the information available on the interwebz. The wikis available for the game are also far from complete. x_x Hope my updated compilation of information helps someone have less frustration with the game.

Each map will have five Unusual Occurrences missions. Completing all the missions in one map will reward you with a Capsule Coin (CC). Completing all the Unusual Occurrences achievements in the entire kingdom will reward you with three Protective Crystals (PC). [source] All of these missions can be redone to gain special buffs.

As a note, I will only update with quests that I have completed myself and verified. If I do not get around to playing all the missions, this guide will be indefinitely incomplete!


Installing RMagick on Windows 7

In my efforts to install Ruby on Rails and SpreeCommerce on my Windows 7 laptop, the problem that stumped me the longest was the ‘spree install my_store‘ command that gave me the error:

'identify' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Image magick must be installed.

I tried running ‘gem install rmagick‘ first, which installed something, but it was still not sufficient to let me run the ‘spree install my_store‘ command without aborting in an error.

After much searching on Google and concatenating all these outdated sources, I finally figured it out. Steps (and troubleshooting details) are below.


Monitoring Your Rabbits Remotely

Sleeping bunnies, Foscam FI8910W, 240p.

Relaxing bunnies.

Being able to watch your rabbits — and any other pet, really — when you are not home can be very comforting (and entertaining) when you are off at work or on vacation. It can give you a great peace of mind when you can see your rabbit visually hopping around on your phone or computer screen and not loafing in pain in a corner. Personally, I had never thought of monitoring my rabbits remotely until the instance a couple years ago when the fire alarm went off in the apartment, and the bunnies freaked out in their x-pen and almost bashed their brains out.


Mailing Gift Packages through USPS

rabbitor packages

A set of Christmas/New Year packages that I sent out in December.

Since joining the /r/rabbits community, especially the IRC channel, I have been sending many more gift packages to people all over the world than I did before. Frugal as I am, I did tons of research to figure out what would be the most economical way to ship these packages to everyone. Some caveats though is that I did not try to figure out how to ship something enormous or extremely heavy.