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Adding cart notes to the Minimal Shopify theme v3.2.0

I recently opened a development Shopify store to set up a new storefront for my side business that mainly sells through Etsy right now. I chose to use the free Minimal theme, and I wanted to enable cart notes to allow customers to leave special instructions with their orders, especially for customizing decal colors. Shopify only allows 100 variants with a single item; as a result, for a decal that has 8 size and 20+ vinyl color choices, 100 is nowhere near enough.

If you would like to set up an unlimited Shopify trial with a development store, please feel free to contact me, and I can help you set one up as a Shopify Partner!

Shopify helpfully had this great article “Enable order notes on your cart page”, and it claimed that I could edit the cart settings for the theme on the Customize theme page. However, when I tried to follow the instructions, I was faced with this:


A browse through the forums was no help, but with a glance through the raw code, I quickly managed to figure it out. (more…)

Starting a home-based online business in Cupertino, CA

It’s been over two years since I first opened my business SS Bunny Imports on Etsy as a sole proprietor. I was intent on starting the sole prop legally by filing all the right forms and paying for all the right fees, but the resources online can be very confusing if you have no idea where to start. (more…)

Using a Zebra LP2844 thermal printer on Windows 7

About a year after I started my side business on Etsy selling decals and signs, I looked into buying a thermal printer to speed up my shipping process. Printing out labels on paper, trimming it, and taping them to the packages took a decent amount of time. Thermal printers are a great investment for serious businesses — they don’t need ink refills, you can print directly on properly sized labels, and the labels will not smear if they get wet.

Please note that the following Amazon links in this post are affiliate links, and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

I decided to purchase a used Zebra LP2844 thermal printer off of Craigslist for $110. A popular new option for sellers these days is the DYMO LabelWriter 4XL Label Maker, but the older Zebra thermal printer does the job just fine, and it was more than 50% cheaper than the DYMO new. (more…)

Taking care of foster kittens with ringworm

Black mewmews

Black mewmews at the vet. Ringworm was evident with the balding chest area on the fuzzy kitten and minor hair loss on the face and crusts above the nose. July 31, 2016.

My first foray into fostering kittens in August 2016 was through Save a Kitten (SAK), a campaign by San Jose Animal Advocates in partnership with the City of San Jose Animal Care and Services (SJACS). During kitten season (approximately April to October), kittens that need around-the-clock care are often at high risk of euthanasia. Kittens at risk that need to be fostered usually have medical or behavior issues such as antisocial behavior, fur loss, eating disorders, eye discharge, upper respiratory infections, and bottle-feeding. (more…)

Replacing 2013 Toyota Prius C air filters

Because my Prius C is not covered under the free 2-year Toyota maintenance anymore, I wanted to minimize the amount of work I needed the dealership to do at my service appointments. Air filters are commonly a giant rip-off at dealerships after the materials markup and labor costs and usually trivial to replace. After replacing the cabin and engine air filters for my Toyota at about 30k miles, I have to agree. (more…)