Adding cart notes to the Minimal Shopify theme v3.2.0

I recently opened a development Shopify store to set up a new storefront for my side business that mainly sells through Etsy right now. I chose to use the free Minimal theme, and I wanted to enable cart notes to allow customers to leave special instructions with their orders, especially for customizing decal colors. Shopify only allows 100 variants with a single item; as a result, for a decal that has 8 size and 20+ vinyl color choices, 100 is nowhere near enough.

If you would like to set up an unlimited Shopify trial with a development store, please feel free to contact me, and I can help you set one up as a Shopify Partner!

Shopify helpfully had this great article “Enable order notes on your cart page”, and it claimed that I could edit the cart settings for the theme on the Customize theme page. However, when I tried to follow the instructions, I was faced with this:


A browse through the forums was no help, but with a glance through the raw code, I quickly managed to figure it out.

  1. From the Theme customization page in the screenshot above, click on the “More actions” under “Minimal”, and go to “Edit code”.
  2. Open the file cart.liquid under “Templates”.
  3. Find all instances of the text “section.settings.cart_notes_enable” and replace with “settings.cart_notes_enable“. (Remove the “settings.” prefix.)
  4. Open the file settings_data.json under “Config”.
  5. Add the following line under "current": {"

    "cart_notes_enable": true,

    Example implementation.

  6. Save all your changes.

Hopefully that should be sufficient like it was for me, and when you refresh your cart page, you should see the line “Add a note to your order”.